The Kamieniec Ząbkowicki Municipality, as well as other localities from the area of Municipality did not have in its history any coat of arms. The richest heraldic tradition in the Municipality should be associated with heraldry of local landowners. For almost 600 years the largest landowner here was the Cistercian Monastery in Kamieniec. The Cistercians used a common coat of arms, like other monasteries, but particular abbeys also had their individual coats of arms. They often alluded to a more general Cistercian symbolism, but were deprived of their own characteristics. Several depictions of the coat of arms of the Kamieniec Abbey were preserved. According to the most common version of these, the coat of arms was split in a cross with a heart-shaped shield.

A coat of arms used by the Municipality unofficially until the adoption of the current symbols stands out in the heraldic traditions of the Municipality. That coat of arms is really the logo of the Society of Friends of the Land of Kamieniec. Apart from the legal issues associated with its use, it contained a number of errors. The eagle is a completely unhistorical hybrid of Polish (color of field and figure) and Silesian (sash) eagles. Red tower on blue background breaks the principle of alternation. Moreover, the shade of blue is too dark. The drawing is also careless (including lack of an eagle eye).

The heraldic tradition of the Kamieniec Ząbkowicki Municipality clearly indicates that during creation of the coat of arms of the Municipality one should refer to the symbolism associated with the owners of these lands. In case of Cistercians, emblems of the fields II and IV should be used as a characteristic of the monastery of Kamieniec. So we have the golden lion behind bars. Golden lion in a crown is also the main emblem of the coat of arms of the House of Orange-Nassau. It was this dynasty, not Hohenzollerns, that deserves commemoration in the coat of arms of the Municipality. Especially because of the Princess Marianne, a great benefactor of the Municipality, whose memory is respected in the Municipality until today and, what is significant, it is continued today by the Polish population, despite the expulsion of the German population.

Two facing each other golden lions were used in the current and adopted symbolism. The right one, without a crown and behind grille, from the coat of arms of the Kamieniec Monastery. The left one, wearing a crown, in a field studded with cards, from the coat of arms of the House of Orange-Nassau. They took a bunch of arrows and a sword from the Lion of Orange-Nassau, to distinguish it from the original coat of arms of the House of Orange-Nassau. Styling of the lions (wide shag) is inspired by styling of the Cistercian coats of arms, in particular the performances of the early 20th century; similarly styled grille (visible connections). The final impact on the shape of the coat of arms had a consultation on 23 March 2012. At that time the idea of the coat of arms was accepted and minor changes were suggested: changing the tincture of the grille and presentation of rear paws of lions in a form proper for climbed lions.

This reasoning led to submitting the following design for the coat of arms of the Kamieniec Ząbkowicki Municipality: In the blue field two climbed lions, with red weapons and tongues, facing each other, the right one behind the silver grille, the left one in a crown, in a field studded with blue cards. This design was adopted, after fulfilling the procedures provided by law, on 25 April 2013, by the Municipal Council and promulgated in the Journal of Laws of Lower Silesian Voivodeship of 13 June 2013, under the item 3707.

From the heraldic-historic study of the symbols of the Kamieniec Ząbkowicki Municipality – Kamil Wójcikowski, Robert Fidura


Uchwała NR XXIX/184/2013

Rady Gminy Kamieniec Ząbkowicki z dnia 25 kwietnia 2013 r. w sprawie:

przyjęcia projektów herbu, flagi, baneru, pieczęci, łańcuchów i sztandaru  Gminy Kamieniec Ząbkowicki


(Resolution NR XXIX/184/2013

Municipal Council of Kamieniec Ząbkowicki of 25 April 2013 on:

acceptance of the project designs of the coat of arms, flag, banner, seal, chains and standard of the Kamieniec Ząbkowicki Municipality)