Reservoir „Topola” is located in the Kamieniec Ząbkowicki Municipality at km 97+700 m of Nysa Kłodzka, as another element in the cascade, next to already existing reservoirs Otmuchów and Nysa.

It is a multipurpose reservoir and is used for: flood protection, improved water supply, alimentation of the river Odra, the use of water energy of Nysa Kłodzka, tourism and recreation. It was built in conjuction with the exploitation of aggregate, as a form of post-exploitation land reclamation and its development for the purpose of water management.

Reservoir’s capacity is 28 million m3. The constant flood reserve is 4.6 million m3, forced reserve is 6.3 million m3, so a total Topola reservoir’s capacity at the disposal of flood protection is 10.9 million m3.

It is connected to the „Kozielno” reservoir. The realization of the two reservoirs began in 1986. After the disastrous flood in 1997, construction of reservoirs has become a part of the National Programme for Reconstruction and Modernisation, as priority tasks of the Ministry of Environment in terms of construction of flood protection. Together with reservoirs „Nysa” and „Otmuchów” they form a team of multi-purpose reservoirs included in the flood protection system of Odra valley.

Both reservoirs were naturally incorporated into the valley of Nysa Kłodzka. The large and beautiful water surface area increases the landscapes of this region, and the emerging new aquatic ecosystem enriches the natural environment. Additionally, the island created here, giving a new habitat, promotes the development of the population of waterfowl and is the resting place of migratory birds. Reservoirs are equipped with modern fish ladders in the form of a multi-chamber, cascade passage and sewerage system.