• municipality in Germany, in Bavaria, in Region Swabia, in the district of Günzburg, in  Ichenhausen administrative community,
  • location approx. 13 km south of Günzburg, on the river Günz, on the road B16, nearly 700 km from Kamieniec Ząbkowicki
  • web page: http://www.gemeinde-ellzee.de/index.php?id=0,134


Bílá Voda

  • municipality in the Czech Republic, in the Olomouc Region,
  • town on the Polish-Czech border next to the Polish national road No. 46 (border crossing at the height of the Złoty Stok, less than 15 km away from Kamieniec Ząbkowicki, rich in monuments related to, among others, the figure of Marianne of Orange-Nassau
  • web page: http://www.bilavoda.cz